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The Advantages of Using VPN for Social Media Marketing

VPN refers to a Virtual Private Network, a specially made network that uses public wires to connect nodes.  However, in practical terms it is a remote application that lets users encrypt all of their incoming and outgoing data, making sure that only authorized users can access the network.  Without this protection, data can be hacked.  One of the biggest risks for data interception is unsecured WI-FI connections.  Therefore VPN’s data encryption technology ensures that you can transmit anything over the Internet and expect a secure connection, with your data protected from prying eyes.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network

A VPN service also anonymizes technology, which lets you go virtually invisible, hiding your IP address and your country of origin.  The question is: how can a VPN service affect your social media marketing campaign?  Let’s consider four ways.

  • You Can Access Your Favorite Social Media Sites From Anywhere

Certain countries around the world ban access to websites like Facebook and Twitter, for various political reasons.  While you never think much of this policy at home, when you actually travel abroad and find that you cannot access your social media marketing campaign, you lose out on a lot of time and money.  A VPN service lets you disguise your country of origin so that you can access your sites from anywhere, including blacklisted countries like China or Iran.

  • The Ability to Custom Search

With Google’s newest algorithm updates, you may have difficulty seeing the search results you want, since you may be redirected to local matches.  This somewhat arbitrary search feature is not easily “turned off.”  While you can easily log out of Google, you will still be sending Google information by giving them your actual IP address and actual country of origin.  VPN services will let you customize search results by fooling the search engine as to your location.

  • Return from Banishment

It’s not a matter of “strictly business”, but there does come a time when you (or someone you love) gets blacklisted from a Facebook page or a forum of some sort for offending the sensibility of the masses. Sure, you can scream and shout on your own page…but you might be blocked from commenting or even seeing the site in question.  VPN services allow you to bypass any blocked features, for reporting purposes or first-class trolling, whatever you wish…

  • Protect Your Account

Facebook is notorious enough for violating privacy—and that’s not even considering the fact that it’s one of the riskiest sites in the world when it comes to hacking vulnerability.  Third party apps are a major risk, and do often times install malware or viruses on your computer, not to mention stealing financial or account information.  With a VPN server, you can block some of these threats, especially when using highly vulnerable WI-FI connections.  Of course, the best way to protect from Facebook threats is to avoid downloading questionable apps in the first place.  Still, WI-FI and 4G (or 3G) protection is a step in the right direction.

Social media is not a game to professional companies and marketers who are trying to produce cash flow and either make more income or make ends meet.  Compromising your social media campaign can be disastrous.  The best approach is to work with a remote VPN application.  This will allow you to create a “private network” and use the net as a transport mechanism.  People who have invested in VPN services have noticed reduced costs thanks to stronger security measures, less need for remote services, and increased productivity.

Why not subscribe to a VPN company and surf and communicate over the net freely?